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With apologies to Eleanor Roosevelt

January 1, 2010

Entropy happens.

A brief interlude to focus on the written word turned into several months far too long. That’s no good. But it’s also in the past, like the rest of 2009, which can only be a good thing. So, here’s not so much a resolution but a determination: Do one thing every day that’s creative. “That scares you” is also an acceptable ending, but at the moment that’s a little high-art for the projects I’m planning.

Because I’m me, I wound up trying to jump back into paper mache with a huge project, and now it’s been two and half months since the rabbit got his ears. He’s still sitting on top of my bookshelf, faceless and unfinished. That can’t stand either, but the first task should be getting my work space in order. It’s a madhouse in this apartment. There’s no room to do much of anything.

Unless that thing is scribbling doodles in a blank notebook. Which happened this week: I started thinking about New Year’s resolutions, and then I got all excited about changing my life, and then I couldn’t sleep, even though it was right before my bedtime. (This is inevitably when the ideas come.) I want to try a series of very simple shapes — little house forms or boxes, most likely — and mix it up with some found objects and collage. I promise it’ll make more sense when I have examples. Or better sketches. First, however, I need to trade in the unfun mess, which has to go away before the fun one can really start. Thank goodness for a long weekend.

Happy 2010, everybody!

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