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Not to blow my gasket all at once, but…

September 29, 2009

Never look on Etsy ever. Just don’t. Not only will you be sorely tempted to buy up all sorts of amazing handmade art and crafts, you’ll be totally gobsmacked in general by how wonderful, creative and varied people out there are.

These are just a few of the incredible finds I made with one swipe through a “paper mache art” search.

shelostit Sugar Skull Dia de los Muertos (Etsy)
Check out that amazing paint detail — not to mention the snazzy bow accents. I love the color and the negative space.
Fishstikks Wallace (Etsy)
Talk about putting your new spin on “bird watching.”
RockingParadise Pot Head (Etsy)
Simple concept, but so visually interesting!
LolliePatchouli House Number Lollie 6 (Etsy)
This whole series is just so sweet. I love how the artist makes use of the newsprint as visual texture.
careysquirks Blimey Bearded Bill (Etsy)
I think this kind of sums up everything that’s fun about paper mache.

You should also check out the Venetian masks, Dirty Birds and all this gorgeous American folk art. Curse you, Etsy, and darn you to Heck!


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